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Corina, Corina. Sports Team Nicknames. Never look a gift book in the mouth.

Corina, April fool’s day is tomorrow.  You must have violated some Geneva Convention statue about pre-emptive gag-making.  You will have to be sent to some Gag-crimes tribunal in the Hague.  I understand that with the death of Slovo, there is … Continue reading

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New Wuxi Web Site. A nice evening walk. Mandarin Flash Posters.

The King’s wife Steph has started up a web site for her rental agency: Wuxi Rental Consultants provides translation, rental advice and assistance to expats relocating to Wuxi.  Her website is also a good source of information for all Wuxi ex-pats. … Continue reading

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Pandas come to Xihui Park. Helena spills coffee on her pajamas.

On March 27, they brought some Pandas to Wuxi’s Xihui Park.  I have yet to get information about the dates of stay.  Xihui Park has a zoo which I had been warned not to visit: the animals there are all … Continue reading

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Good Bye to the Vikings!!! Garth buys a baseball bat. My weekend in pictures.

Niels’ two Viking friends will return to Denmark tomorrow.  Corina and Helena will certainly miss them.  They will spend some of their final hours in China at the Blue Bar this evening.   The King and his Wingman and I … Continue reading

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Corina and Helena buy pajamas. Corina denies she likes to go shopping.

Corina, in a move that shocked the shopping industry, decided to buy pajamas on saturday night.  She and co-worker Helena together went into together to a shop and each bought a pair of pajamas thus ensuring a discount.  Corina bought … Continue reading

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I did not see Gary this morning.

I had hoped to see Gary at McDonald’s this morning.  But alas it was not to be.  Gary has virtually disappeared off the face of the earth.  What a shame.   Konrad, the Latvian who unfortunately comes from Toronto, is … Continue reading

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Muslim Noodles.

If you are looking for something cheap, filling, and delicious to eat anytime in Wuxi, that is’nt McDonald’s or KFC, you can go to one of Wuxi’s many Muslim Noodle hole-in-the-wall restaurants.  My first encounter with this Muslim food was when I … Continue reading

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Leo gets a haircut. I need bodies for a softball team.

Leo, from Mythos Greek Restaurant,  got a haircut yesterday.  He is not happy with it.  His experiences getting a haircut for the first time in China were similar to mine.  Cross your fingers and hope for the best.   I need … Continue reading

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Stay in the apartment. March 23 is Akira Kurosawa’s birthday!!!

Today is my longest day at work so I stayed in the apartment last night.  Just my luck that his royal majesty and his Queen were at the bar.  There was just no doing….    So, I watched a DVD documentary … Continue reading

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We got Stones tickets!! Western Ontario Alienation. Massage. Haircut. Wuxi Baseball League starting up. More about the Aircraft Carrier

We have got the tickets in our grubby hands.  I have taken a picture to prove.  You can also check the seating diagram.  Thanks Niels for getting us the tickets.   A Taiwanese businessman Jimmy (see picture below)  who we … Continue reading

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