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Take a Walk with Andis and Tony in Hui Shan.

  Some of you should take a long walk off a short pier.  But not of all of you dear, sweet, rare, readers and voyeurs of mine.  

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Tony in his New Year’s Garb.

  My wife Jenny tells me that it is a Chinese tradition to wear new clothes for the new year.  Below, you can see Tony in his getup for the new year of the Bull. The toque (or Beanie) with … Continue reading

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A Warning from Tony.

  Hey man!  I am Tony!  I have a message for you dudes!  Or to be more exacting, a warning!  I have learned how to use a stick.  I am able to beat things with it.  If you don’t read … Continue reading

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I am back and here are the videos I have to show for my time away.

  The Family K got back from Beixing Thursday afternoon.  I have uploaded all the videos I took to Youtube.  I have put all eight of them into this playlist for you to peruse.

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Good Bye Mouse! Hello Bull or Ox or Cow!

  I have a feeling that next year will be the year of Bull.  Be that as it may, I do hope against all evidence that it will be a good year for the rare readers of AKIC.  The K … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Jenny!

  The Spring Festival starts tomorrow, but my wife’s birthday is today.  You can go here to see a full tribute to the love of my life.

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Join in a conversation with the absolutely fabulous Snowie!

  Snowie is one awesome woman!  Consider it your privilege to be able to listen to her speak in this video because, let’s face it, she is out of your league.  

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Seventeen months of You Know Who!

  It was seventeen months ago that this video was taken.     Now, look what I have to deal with.  

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Photos taken in Wuxi on Wednesday.

  Here is a street display full of bull or should I say ox?  You can see this for a limited time at the corner of Renmin and Zhongshan Roads in downtown Wuxi. This is a foot bridge just outside the … Continue reading

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The Year of the Ox (or Cow) Street Displays are up!

  This display sits at a corner near my school.

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