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Another rainy day in Wuxi Town. My Fridge thermometer. The Greenery Western Restaurant. Babyface. Tutor of the Day: Shadow.

It is raining again in Wuxi.  A nice atmosphere for me to go back to work.  Thankfully, I don’t have to walk far to get to work.  Umbrellas are encumbrances I rather not deal with.  What with having to carry around … Continue reading

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Staff Aerobics; Staff on Parade. Elsie: tutor of the day. Helena talks about the attributes of her ideal man. New Feature: person of the day.

The average Chinese worker in the service industry is doing things unimaginanable in the West.  Last night, as a for instance, after an excellent repast at Romano’s Pizza (now open till midnight), I saw the female staff at a nearby … Continue reading

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A sunny day in Wuxi town.

There is sun shining through that smog making for a lovely day here in Wuxi.   Peter has got his family back home.  Now, He needs to move out of cockroach infested apartment.  These things are the bane of one’s … Continue reading

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Not a good day for Canada. Please visit Tom’s Blog.

The Canada-Russia ice hockey quarterfinal  was played sometime this morning, China time.  Not knowing exactly when it was and if CCTV would show it, all I could really do was rush to the school this morning and read of the final … Continue reading

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Gary’s B-day: the social event of the season.

If you did not go to Gary’s B-day celebration, you were nowhere.  Peoples from China, Japan, the Phillipines, Australia, England, Brazil and Canada attended.  Representatives and elements of Greece, the Republic of Latvia, the Catholic Church, the American Republican Right, … Continue reading

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Happy 36th Birthday Gary!

It is Gary Paterson’s birthday!  Helena’s room-mate is a dawg!  Go figure!  I will buy him a beer at the Blue Bar!  That is him drinking the beer in the picture!  By the way, it is also Arthur Schopenhauer’s birthday … Continue reading

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Don’t worry Senor! I’ll look after your pajamas! Wuxi’s Best Saltine Cracker.

No coffee at McDonald’s this morning.  Nuff Said.  The second time it has happened in this country.  AAAAAAAGGGGhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    The spicey take-out (da bao) pizza I had last night from Romano’s was excellent.  Jane makes the best pizza in town. … Continue reading

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