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The Cable cars at Xiwei Park

I had no big plans on monday.  I decided to wander aimlessly along Wuxi’s grand canal.  The Canal is a twenty minute’s walk from my apartment.  Near the Canal is Wuxi’s famous Xiwei park.  It is worthwhile to visit the … Continue reading

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Ants carrying off a worm

This was the most interesting thing I saw in Suzhou.  I saw these ants carrying off a worm.  It was quite the operation.  I wonder which ant was playing foreman.  I wonder which ants were trying to be supervisors

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Look at the picture of the food I ate!

Here is a picture of the food I ate at the Xinjiang Restaurant on Sunday night, after We arrived back from Suzhou.  This restaurant is my favourite in Wuxi.

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Sunday I am going to Suzhou.

I bought the train tickets.  Tomorrow, Michelle and i will go by train.  We will have hard seats in the morning; soft seats for the evening train ride back to Wuxi.  Suzhou is a 30 minutes’ train ride from Wuxi.  … Continue reading

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What is going on today?

Not much.   Last night after classes, I went to the apartment.  I studied Chinese for 90 minutes.  I was listening to recordings and working through a grammar workbook.  I went for a walk about downtown Wuxi.  I saw a … Continue reading

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Hello Canilx Students!

Here is my blog.   Thank you for coming.

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Happy anniversary Mom and Dad!

August 25 is my parents 43rd Wedding anniversary.   To be married so long in this day and age is quite an accomplishment.   Ah!  That I could be married so long!

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