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Elections for Wuxi Expat King position to be held today.

Be sure to vote.  Results will be announced tonight as soon as they are made up….  OR soon as the polls close.

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The HyLite Wall of Greatness.

HyLite School has dedicated a wall to the greatest trainers and study assistants in all of World ESLdom.

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They have a poster with my face on it!

Workman are at the school posting poster of the trainers on the walls.  Here is my poster. I took this photo with my mobile phone.  If it was in better focus, you would see how terrible I look.

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Candidate for Wuxi Expat August Kingship: Gary.

After his extremely controversial Duvet Cover purchase, many observers wrote Gary off.  No one would elect him garbage collector they said.  But after making the Best Best Man Speech, Gary has elevated himself to the elite level of Wuxi Expatdom.  … Continue reading

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Seen on the streets of Wuxi.

I took this photo near Parksons with my mobile phone. I asked my wife to translate what was on the sheet.  She told me it ran along these lines: I am a teacher. My husband lost his job.  Looking for … Continue reading

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August King of Wuxi candidate: Fred!

Fred from Oregon, USA is the most handsome of the WuxiLife triumvirate.  He is taller than the other two and he has long flowing hair.  He is the most photogenic candidate to be profiled to date. Pros:  His dreamboat looks … Continue reading

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A call for nominations for August King of Wuxi.

As you can see, I have, so far, nominated four people for the post of King of Wuxi for August 2007.  I have many more profiles to do, but my social circle in Wuxi is shrinking because I have a … Continue reading

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