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My wife’s last day of work. Borat DVD with “proper English subtitles” available. Kisses and Twinkle.

My wife finished working tonight.  Tomorrow, she will start her career as a housewife.  I still hope she can use her excellent English skills to some advantage. The King of Wuxi had written a excellent posting in WuxiLife about the best … Continue reading

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Back to work.

I am back to school.  Of course, the weather is cool verging on cold, gray approaching dismal, and windy that so it might as well be blustery. Fred, the star of commercials, is getting married March 31. Tutor Wendy ate and … Continue reading

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Yupai Fuhao Dining. I saw Fred on the bus.

There is this popular Sichuan restaurant in Wuxi that I recommend you go to if you have the time.  His Royal Majesty and She, that must be obeyed, took the wife and I there Sunday evening.  From the restaurant’s card, I … Continue reading

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Three new Youtube videos.

I have uploaded three new videos to Youtube: I look for my wife in the Nanchang market. I take the wife and in-laws to Xihui Park. The wife and I walk to the Bank.

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Back to Work, sort of. What the sitemeter tells me. Used English books in Nanchang Market!!!

HyLite private and salon classes resume today, but not for me.  Today is my normal day off.  I don’t start teaching till Tuesday. The King of Wuxi phoned me Sunday morning.  His Royal Majesty and his consort have returned from their … Continue reading

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The In-laws have finally arrived.

I thought the in-laws were coming on Monday.  Instead,  they came Saturday morning.  Boy oh boy!!!!  So it came as a surprise when they arrived earlier than what has become my normal bedtime. The wife and I took her parents … Continue reading

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The King of Wuxi has a blog. Some Chinese Football Terminology. The wife’s sleeping habits. Chocolate Pizza at Romanos.

Here is the King of Wuxi’s blog. I still cannot upload pictures to this blog.  I will just have to KBO. I found this free image editing and effects software that is very good. These were a lot of fireworks two … Continue reading

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