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Intense and Stimulating, Hot & Sour Fish Soup Flavor Potato Chips


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Mmmmm! Good things that Expats can buy in Wuxi, China Supermarkets

You can’t go wrong with Garden brand saltine crackers. And then there is this high fiber wheat bread by Mankattan.  It is great toasted!  

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Blogging on the fly.

I am always having to rush the blog entries. Now, it is morning and I blog hastily. I have overslept, and the time I have before the wife and son wake up is short. Why is my Chinese so bad, … Continue reading

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Steady Downpour of rain and links

Sunday morning, I wake up and hear the steady pitter-patter of rain. A video taken in late February 2009. I have festooned my TKIC blogs with photos. See here, here, here, and here. And while I am at. Here is … Continue reading

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AKIC and TKIC on February 26

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A Compendium of AKIC’s Saturday Thinkings

The current fashion in China is to call stupid people "two" (二). The student, who told me this, couldn’t tell me why this was. He also couldn’t tell me why a green hat was considered to be the sign of … Continue reading

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The intersection of Zhongshan and Xueqian Roads in Wuxi, China on a Saturday morning.

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