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Video! Video!

Tony on a bus Tony on a carousel

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The School Trip to Suzhou

The trip was underwhelming. For a Halloween themed excursion it wasn’t very Halloweenish. We went to an amusement park and we wandered aimlessly for three hours — we were ready to go home after two. The company that was to … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Photo Blog

A photo blog entry to show that I am still alive and interested in my surroundings. I took these photos Sunday Morning on my way to work (school). Taken from a crosswalk on Xueqian Road near Ba Bai Ban.   … Continue reading

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Tony goes to Suzhou.

He came; he saw; he conquered. Well, not exactly. But Tony did accompany his father on the school field trip to Suzhou. More details about this, anon.

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This is the extent of my blogging today. I have a cold, and I will be going to Suzhou for a Halloween activity.

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My next lunar birthday is December 26!

I gleamed the following information about my birthday from this site: Gregorian Date of AKIC’s Gregorian Birthday: Thursday, December 24, 1964 Chinese Date of AKIC’s Gregorian Birthday Anniversary this year cycle 78, Chinese Year Geng-Yin (27), year 2010, month 11, … Continue reading

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Why racists should vote Democrat. (and other political thoughts)

Don’t care for my politics? Here is a Wuxi Tony Update. I haven’t been so excited by the U.S. Mid Term elections since ’94 — I will never forget Rush Limbaugh whooping it up after the Republican victory on his … Continue reading

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