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Bad Cold

I don’t feel very well.  I went to bed at 915pm last night.  I got out of bed today at 1100.  I have three classes to get through tonight.  Then I can go home and die.

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chinese mobile billboard

Here is a photo I took of a Chinese advertising gimmick.   The advertising convoy was accross the street when I took the picture.  You may have to view the thumbnail at a larger scale.

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The Hack is back!

The dreaded China hack I had for the first six months of my stay here (I have been here ten months) has returned.  Ugghhh!!!!!!!    

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Noodles for supper

I am having noodles for supper.   Too lazy to go to my nearby apartment to heat up a can of Heinz Beans.   Too cheap to buy food at KFC, Mcdonald’s.

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Now what am I waiting for?

Now what am I waiting for?   I don’t know.  But when something is about to happen, I will then start waiting for it.

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I am eating these crackers with a blueberry filling.  They are pretty tasty actually.  They are called  3 + 2 and then some chinese name written in chinese characters that I cannot read.

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I got a haircut yesterday

Got a haircut yesterday.   Here is a picture of me getting my hair washed.

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