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Knife-wielding man wounds 28 children, 3 adults at Taixing kindergarten

I first heard this story from students at an English Corner I did on Thursday Night:  A knife-wielding man wounded 28 children and three adults Thursday at a kindergarten in eastern Jiangsu province (Taixing).   Five children are in critical … Continue reading

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Tony at the bus station

This video was taken Thursday Morning.

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Friday Flim-Flam

The Wife and Child are away… ….so I am watching Oklahoma! on DVD.  If my memory serves me correct, my parents had the soundtrack album, for this 1955 musical, way back in the 1970s.  Or was it The King and … Continue reading

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Tony: He be bad.

This video’s lighting is terrible.  But if you need to see Tony, you can find him there.

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Wednesday Evening Scribblings

Scribblings you say? Well, yes.  I wrote the following into a notebook, and am now transferring them to the blog.  So they count as scribblings because they were scribbled to begin with.   I didn’t leave my wife at the … Continue reading

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Blogging from the Weekend of AKIC.

Muse, Muse!  Where are you? Except for all the advertising and all the icons and all the toolbars and all the links, I am looking at a blank screen.  Or rather I should say that I am looking at a … Continue reading

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Tony and a pail lid

Visit here to see what Tony does with the lid:

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