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18,000 hits on my blog. 10,000 video views.

We are still plagued by slow Internet here in Wuxi so I will keep my blog entries short.  Don’t worry Ma and Pa,  Wuxi is nowhere near Taiwan where the 7.2 magnitude earthquake occurred. The last time I was able … Continue reading

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Taiwan Earthquake slows down our internet.

Tuesday’s earthquake in Taiwan has slowed down the internet here in Wuxi.  Till they fix the undersea cables destroyed in the quake, it is going to be mighty tough for me to make blog entries.

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Wuxi Ex-Patriots win Fantasy Football Championship! Pictures of some HyLite Library Books. The Bishop of Southwark and Wuxi.

Your Wuxi Ex-Patriots did the city proud by winning the Championship of all of Fantasy Football with a decisive 90-44 victory over Pittman in the championship game.  The key player, as he was all season, was Quarterback Peyton Manning, who earned … Continue reading

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How I spent my Christmas.

Christmas Eve, I went to the King’s for Christmas Dinner.  We ate to our heart’s content.  The King and Steph put on a good spread.  We sang the parts of Christmas Carols that we knew.  Here is a picture of … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas from AJ to all who look at AKIC!!

Here is what the Christmas tree looks like this year. I would like wish a Merry Christmas to Andy Drummond, Steph Chen Drummond, Tommy Drummond, Peter Nordlund, Alfie, Christy Angel Drummond, Arnis Kaulins, Aina Kaulins, Benita Kaulins, Ronalds Kaulins, Ritma … Continue reading

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December 23rd HyLite Christmas Party the Greatest Party of the Century.

Even the people who wish HyLite ill-will would have to admit that the party held last night, December 23, at the school was the greatest party in all of human history, and the likes of the good times that were had … Continue reading

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HyLite Book Bar features best public English Book Collection in the City. HyLite Christmas Party on December 23. Wuxi Christmas Pictures.

I may have mentioned that our school will soon have a library (called the HyLite English Book Bar) with a ping-pong table. Well, it will also have a Darts Board. Friday evening, the 22nd of December, the trainers were able … Continue reading

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