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Happy Dominion Day!

July 1st means Dominion Day in Canada or as they now say Canada Day.  So here is a video of Tony wrapping himself in the Maple Leaf flag.  

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Wuxi Tony Update One Hundred Thirty One.

  In the latest episode of the Web’s most outstanding infant update series, Tony and his father play catch.     It is Monday afternoon and I don’t who won the Euro 2008 Final.  I am watching a replay now … Continue reading

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More uploaded Video. This time of a Wedding.

  A month ago, I promised to edit and upload the video I had taken at Elsi’s wedding. I finally got around to it last night.  Here it be:  

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Photos of my Scooter.

  I got an electric bike, You can’t like it if you like, It’s got a container, a horn and some things that make it look too good for thieves. I think I will trash it up so they don’t … Continue reading

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Photos taken in Hui Shan New City.

  I had a bit of a chance to wander about my new neighborhood.  Here are some photos I have taken. One of my neighbors showed me their new apartment.  Here are photos taken from there.       My … Continue reading

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Ronnie’s Pub Closed till August.

The KoW tells me that Ronnie’s Australian Pub in Wuxi, China has shut down its old and original location.  Said KoW:  "Everything is moving over to Bolters.  The new location (near the Virus Pub) will be open in mid-August."

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Another Short Video about Anthony Kaulins.

 It is Sunday.  I have two days off.  What am I going to do?  My first goal is to placate the wife.  After that, I may do a little blogging, a little video editing and take the electric bike for … Continue reading

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Useful Advice: Breathe.

I came across this useful piece of advice:  breathe.

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Wuxi Tony Update One Hundred Twenty Nine: the little guy can crawl.

  Here is video proof that my son Anthony Arnis Peng Kaulins can crawl.     His being able to crawl is an additional source of worry for us.  Tony’s motivation to move is unexplored drawers where he feels it … Continue reading

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Transformer blows and scares the KoW.

Start having a longer commute to work here in Wuxi, and you are bound to see more crazy things.  Yesterday, I told you how I saw a rear-end collision result in a brawl.  Today, I got a ride from His … Continue reading

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