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Happy  Chinese New  Year!         Greetings to everyone.  My Blog entries for the next week will be very periodic.

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I see they updated Spaces. Apartment entrance door incident. Muslim Noodles.

These updates can be so annoying.  You finally figure things out and they change it.  Now I have to spend time fixing all the things that the damm update fouled up.  Damm, I hate Microsoft!  Now, many of the functions … Continue reading

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Everything is winding down. W is a Dog! Got to stay away from the pub. Jukebox.

Saturday night will be CNY eve.  The school will shut down early that day.  I have no plans for that evening.  I hope I can get a game of Mah Jong going or be able to join one..   Sunday, … Continue reading

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New DVD player. New Lease on Life. Changed the music again.

I had been trouble getting a too large number of DVDs to work on the old DVD player.  Buying the El Cheapo 298 RMB DVD player did the trick.  I can watch the available episodes of Lost.  I can watch … Continue reading

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Seahawks! Canadian Election Results. Wabbit season in Wuxi. Our annual CNY dinner.

The Seahawks are in the Super Bowl!  I can claim an emotional attachment to the team having driven from Abbotsford by myself to watch them when they wanted to run first Holmgrem and then Hasselback out of town.  Holmgrem displayed … Continue reading

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Mark has a blog!

Another Hy-Lite trainer has a blog.  Again I have put the link on the page.  Mark has lived in Wuxi for  15 months.  He has an eccentric take on things.

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Tommie the Commie has a blog!

The link has been added.  In the interest of debate and free speech, I will link to a self-confessed Bolshevik.  

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