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Feel like breakfast?

  I took this photo in an alleyway near the Courtyard Marriott in downtown Wuxi.    The entrepreneurial zeal of the people above is to be commended.  I worry about the cleanliness though.

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Tony in a Bathrobe: The video.

  Rare readers know, that when I take photos of Tony, I also take a video.  Here are moving images of Tony in the blue bathrobe.  

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A Mini Hugh Hefner.

  Hey Babe! What do you say?

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Go here today.

Not much to say to the lot of you who come here on a regular basis.  If you please, go here.

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  Here is the latest photo of my son.   He adopted this position himself.  It was not posed.   Here is a photo of traffic taken yesterday near Bao Li Mall.   Anything significant about the photo?  No.  I … Continue reading

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Get a hug from Tony.

If you want to know how you can get a hug from Tony, you can watch Wuxi Tony Update Two Hundred Eighty Six, the latest installment of the most extraordinary and yet under-appreciated great baby Internet Update Series of all … Continue reading

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  Other than it being dark at noon today, not much happened.  But I did take some photos of Wuxi. Here they be:   Wuxi has policemen direct traffic.  But, they are often not heeded.   Locals head to work … Continue reading

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18 Months of Tony.

  What difference 18 months make in the life of an infant! Here is Tony on August 23, 2007.   Here he is just recently – Saturday Night.  

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Let’s Learn some more Wuxi Hua!

  Helen will teach you how to say the numbers one to ten in Wuxi Hua.  

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Views of Wuxi.

  Time to spruce up the blog with photos of Downtown Wuxi. Here is the Hongduo Building, Wuxi’s tallest, under construction. Wuxi is a water city.  Not like Venice though, but canals are everywhere to be seen.

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