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While AKIC is in Nanking, you can look at these quotes and links.

  The gift of not giving. In the column linked above, George Will makes a case for not giving gifts at Christmas.  It is actually an enormous misallocation of resources causing tremendous damage to the economy. The top 25 short stories … Continue reading

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Tony on a Double Decker Bus

The #81 Bus which runs around downtown Wuxi has always featured double-decker buses.  The first ones I rode on, five years ago, were rusty old buggers—they have just recently been replaced by brand spanking new models.  Last Wednesday, Tony insisted … Continue reading

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Where I got my haircut

In the previous entry, I made mention of my intention to get my hair cut.  Well, to prove to you I am not as big a liar as you think I am, I have taken a video near where I … Continue reading

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Monday for you, Friday for me Headlines

Daddy Pajamas To set up this Tony anecdote, as told to me by my lovely wife Jenny, you should know two things about my morning routine.  First, I get up much earlier than the other two thirds of the K … Continue reading

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AKIC sends its condolences to rare reader Maralin from Tuscon, Arizona, U.S.A. whose mother has just passed away.

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Christmas in Wuxi

If I see Christmas things in Wuxi, I will try to record them and show them to you.  I took the short video below on Zhongshan Road.

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Tony at an interesting Xihui Park exhibit.

I don’t know what to call the things that Tony and my camera are looking at in the video below.  Are they figurines, statuettes, little people?  Whatever they are called, they are interesting to look at, being all shiny and … Continue reading

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Sunday (AKIC Thursday) Headlines

Standing between seats on the Bus Saturday morning, I saw this young person standing between two seats on a bus.  He was doing this at the back of the bus.  The back seats on the bus  were above the engine … Continue reading

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Saturday (AKIC Wednesday) Headlines

Images Thankfully, I don’t include many photos of myself in this blog.  But this morning, as I stood at the bus I got to thinking.  I didn’t start thinking that I should put more photos of myself in the blog. … Continue reading

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Full of gas!

I asked the students to tell me the meaning of this English idiom: Empty vessels (Containers) make the most noise.  The students always seem to read idioms too literally even when you tell them not to; and the students did … Continue reading

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