What Does the Sign Say?


The characters:



The Pinyin:

Xiàng qián kàn biān shàng xīn zhēngchéng.

Zài chūfā shíxiàn xīn zuòwéi

A translation:

Look forward to the new journey.

Start again and achieve new

Ah! I ask a local to try to improve the translation. But that was what it translated to, she told me.

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Shenglimen Metro Station

发自我的 iPhone6s plus

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Drive Civilized!

What does this sign placed by a zebra crossing say? Here is the simplified Chinese with pinyin and English translation:


Wénmíng xíngchē. Lǐràng xíngrén

Civilized driving. Yield Here To Pedestrians

So it seems that the authorities agree with what I have been writing in my other blog: the local drivers are uncivilized and barbaric.

Far be it for me to agree with Communist authorities. But as the saying goes, some things are true even if Comrade Borodin says them.

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A Walk near Casa Kaulins #19

Last photo taken on this Walk.

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A Walk near Casa Kaulins #18

I really had taken enough photos on this Walk. But I couldn’t resist taking a photo of these ramps taking one from road level down to house level. I wonder if any cars have driven off the raised side of the road.

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A Walk near Casa Kaulins #17

From the bridge, I take a photo of where I’ve been.

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A Walk near Casa Kaulins #16

I ascend these stairs and…

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