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Monday for you is Friday for me!

FriMonday Once again, I will on harp on pointlessly  because I probably don’t have that many readers, about the fact that I have Tuesday and Wednesday off.    Anyway, I do.  So, there.   Were the Olympics worth it for … Continue reading

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Lantern Festival

The Last Day of February… …in 2010 is the Lantern Festival, which happens on the 15th day of the Lunar New Year.  It would be a good evening to go to where ever there is a display of outdoor lanterns.  … Continue reading

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Helmet In the video of Tony and me** riding our scooter, Tony wasn’t wearing a helmet.  At the back of the mind, I thought this might invite some comment; and I was correct as I immediately got chided from a … Continue reading

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At my last workplace in Canada, there was a man, of many memorable expressions, who loved to say to co-workers who irked him:  “Why don’t you take a long walk off a short pier!”.  His expression came to mind as … Continue reading

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AKICistan Quotes and Links for Late February 2010

An ancient proverb says: "Good habits result from resisting temptation."   "If you have only two alternatives, then choose the third."                       — Jewish saying The Era of the Narcissist Is being a blogger a sign of full-on Narcissism?  I … Continue reading

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Good Night Tony Boy

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AKIC blogger took Tony through many paths on February 24. On some, we rode our scooter.   On others, we had to walk.

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Tony likes to Rock!

No, he doesn’t like curling.  At least, not yet. He does like to throw rocks in the water.  Loyal AKIC followers may notice that Tony’s throwing motion has gotten better.

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Back to Work in late February 2010

Horrors What fresh horrors await me today as I return to work after my mid-week weekend?  Actually, I wish there were many fresh horrors awaiting me.  Things have been slow at the school lately.  Horrors mean staying busy and staying … Continue reading

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Wild to be born!!

The photo and video below will certainly cause you to have recollections of Riding Easy, the famous motorcycle movie starring Jane Fonda, Dennis Hopper, Marlon Brandon, and Jack Nicklaus.  And of course, you will also be lead to hum the … Continue reading

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