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Tony’s first Train Ride: the video

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Two new videos of Tony

One I uploaded to clipshack. The other I uploaded to Tony October 30 – Watch more free videos The hotspot shield doesn’t allow me to upload full videos to Youtube.  But as I have options.

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Halloween in Wuxi

Here is how Wuxi looks the morning of Halloween Day:   Just lovely. The School will have a Halloween party tonight.  I will try to go if I can.  Right now, it doesn’t look as if I will.

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I found a way to get Youtube and watch videos.

I have downloaded a program called hotspot shield and it allows me to access Youtube and Blogspot.  The program is actually meant for laptops but it has an unintentional side-effect of allowing people to get to blocked sites.

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Links to make your day.

This is funny.  Be patient.  It takes a while to upload. This is a painting of the King of Wuxi done in the 1970s: This was obviously the time before he broke his leg.

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I didn’t think it was possible.

I had a strange occurrence with my electric razor (but not a mad butcher sort of occurrence if you know what I mean).  The heads on the razor were getting dull.  One day two weeks ago, the batteries needing changing … Continue reading

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Don’t pick on my buddy Steve.

Don’t pick on my buddy Steve! Who is the mad butcher?  He must not have liked some things I wrote in the blog.

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High Culture: Wuxi Style.

The King of Wuxi and I went to the Great Hall of the People to see a flutist in concert.  The concert was well-attended.  The hall was nice and plush.  We knew we would have to sit patiently through some … Continue reading

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Andis Kaulins in China #33

This is my 33rd vlog.   I am using clipshack to present it.  You can’t put wuxiandis down for long!! Sunday night, the King and I will go to see a flute player, Yang Lan, at the Great Hall of the … Continue reading

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Seablogger on Tai Lake. My two favorite restaurants in Wuxi are going downhill. Tony makes his pub debut.

Seablogger did a posting on Lake Tai for which I made a comment. Visit for more unique content about Wuxi and AKIC. The last time I went to Chuan Meizi on Renmin Road (also known as Sichuan Girls restaurant), I … Continue reading

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