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What’s good about this photo?

  There are two things, I like about this photo.  It shows a father and his son having fun, and it doesn’t show the father’s bald spot.  Normally, the father’s bald spot, which is growing faster these days than fungus in … Continue reading

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Sunday Photos.

  I took some photos of passing cyclists from my apartment.     I took the photo below while on the way to work.  

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The Worst Wuxi Tony Update Ever.

  I have been told that the Wuxi Tony Update Series has become very repetitive and boring and repetitive and dull and repetitive and dreary.  Well, it cannot be helped.  I make these videos especially for Tony’s grandparents who are half way around the world.  They … Continue reading

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Tony in the morning.

  I am a man of many annoying habits, I know.  One of them is being an early riser as well as a happy riser.  My son Tony, much to his mother’s regret, has this habit too.  Here he is … Continue reading

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Wuxi Tony Update Two Hundred Thirty Two: Tony gets up.

  What does Tony, the greatest baby ever made by a Wuxi Expat, do just after he gets up and his mother has dressed him?  Millions of Wuxi Expats are dying to know and so this video, the latest episode … Continue reading

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Friday Morning Cold.

  I took this photo from the apartment Friday morning.  It shows how the locals are dressing for the weather these days.  

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Photo of the Day.

  This blog is evolving into a photo blog, which is fine by me and I hope, fine by you. This morning, I discovered I left my camera at work.  When I arrived at work, it was to my great … Continue reading

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Some Wednesday morning photos.

I took some photos in and outside the apartment. Here is Tony standing in front of the television which is playing the Wizard of Oz DVD.     I just happened to catch a street sweeper just outside our apartment. … Continue reading

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Tony loves the Wizard of Oz, passionately.

  I may have mentioned in this blog or my other blog that the DVD copy of the Wizard of Oz, that I bought at the top floor of the Nanchang Book Market, is proving to be a big hit … Continue reading

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Attack Daddy, Mommy, and Chair!

  Watch my son on the warpath and experience real being-harrowedism.  

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