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Moresky 360 Nightview.

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Different Views of Wuxi at different times of the day from my 21st floor apartment.

This is the first of the never ending, but what guarantees to be, staggeringly monumental series of photos of downtown Wuxi taken from my 21st floor apartment.  You will see Wuxi in so many aspects, you will feel more inadequate … Continue reading

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From the Onion.

Millions of Toys executed.

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From the Wall Street Journal

Coup in Burma

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Number Twenty Seven


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No Internet at home. My Golden Week 2007. Da Shan.

The wife is telling me that it will be 25 days before I  can get the Internet at home.  I am trying to find a way to get it sooner, but till I have the net at home, my blogging … Continue reading

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I spent the last day and a half moving.   I have no Internet at home and my muscles are all stiff.  I will have much to show you eventually.

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