About Andis & AKIC

Andis Kaulins, a Canadian from nowhere in particular in Canada, has taught English at the same school in Wuxi, China since 2004.  In 2006, he married Jenny, a local girl.  On August 23, 2007, Tony Kaulins was born.

Andis was raised as an Army brat.  He lived in New Brunswick, Quebec, Manitoba and British Columbia before going to China.

AKIC is about whatever Andis wants it to be.  He chronicles his life in Wuxi, he writes his strange thoughts, and makes comments on the scene that passes him.

Andis is politically and culturally reactionary.  He loves blogging, taking photos of Wuxi and his family.  When he is not blogging or teaching English; he reads, studies Chinese, and listens to podcasts.

He admires Flannery O’Connor, George Orwell, Andrew Breitbart, Rush Limbaugh, Florence King, David Warren, Evelyn Waugh, GK Chesterton, Frank Sinatra, Preston Manning, Fred Astaire, and Jimmy Stewart, to name a few.

He wants to become Catholic.

His email address is akaulins@gmail.com.

The AKIC Mission:  To be China’s leading forum of  Gómez-Dávilism and reactionary intransigence, as well as a provocation to all of AKIC’s enemies and critics.

The AKIC Motto:  Believe in God, trust in Christ, look with suspicion.

The AKIC Idiom: Casual Insouciance and Solecism-ism.

Who should read AKIC? AKIC is more AK than C. So don’t come here expecting the rantings of a would-be Sinologist. I just sometimes mention what I happen to see being here in China. Also, don’t expect to read anything about the Expat community here at AKIC. I keep my contact with foreigners to a minimum – but then that is like someone declaring his party to be private even when no one is going to his party anyway. Only kindred spirits of me should read this blog. That is, flotsam, jetsam, waifs, lost souls, conservatives, reactionaries, lost-causers, medievalists, coin-tossers, base brats, marginal humans, watchers, cranks,walkers, wallflowers, failures, losers, Catholics, solitaries, and loners.

Email andiskaulins@qq.com

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