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Ten Short Videos in One

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The Latest AKIC Wuxi Weekly Has Been Published!

The latest action-packed and controversy-laden edition of the AKIC Weekly has been published! I know you are thinking: “Geez, Andis, I really love the sage wit, irony, and life-inspiring writings that are on offer, free-of-charge and gratis in the AKIC … Continue reading

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A Week in the Life of a Canadian Living in Wuxi, China: April 22 to April 28, 2013

Hooray! Andis has just published his latest weekly blog entry! If you bother to read it, you will see that Andis lives a very interior life.  You would also see that he is very domestic and stay at home.  Andis, … Continue reading

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Another Week in the Life of Wuxi China’s Most Boring White Guy

Having trouble sleeping? AKIC has just published his April 8 to 14 blog entry! See if you can accept the AKIC challenge! Do you think you can read the entire entry from start to finish without falling asleep!

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Where to start?!? Panegyrics about some good restaurants.

I did a few things this weekend.  I have more to write about than I care to at the moment.  Seeing how I will be at work for the next six days.  I will use the next six days to … Continue reading

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I will go to seven plus seven for supper

I got my meal money from school.  So I am going to 7+7, a chinese-style cafeteria near the school for supper.  Yummy yummy!

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