Where to start?!? Panegyrics about some good restaurants.

I did a few things this weekend.  I have more to write about than I care to at the moment.  Seeing how I will be at work for the next six days.  I will use the next six days to fully recount the adventures of the weekend just past.
Since my use of the word "prurient" has met with such great acclaim, I will introduce another big word "panegyric".  It is word I have come apond in my readings.  Gibbon uses the word a lot in Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.  Now I don’t know how to pronounce it, but I do know its meaning:  a laudatory discourse.  There is also a verb  "to panegyrize"  which mean to write or speak in praise of something.  For example, I panegyrized Niels and Peter Nordlund in my last journal entry.
I will now panegyrize my two favourite restaurants in Wuxi:  The Xinjiang Mohammad Restaurant and Romano Pizza.  I did make a previous panegyric about the Xinjiang restaurant last week.  This past weekend, I was I again able to sample its fine cuisine at Niel’s birthday party (about that, more anon).  As always, the food was excellent.  Romano Pizza is located in an alley that is near the Wuxi Roast Duck Restaurant (on Zhongshan Road almost across from the Ramada).  The alley runs off the road (Chongning Rd) that runs between the Duck Restaurant and the Blue bar (formerly the True Blue Bar).  Romanos makes great pizza.  I like the simple salami pizza on a pan crust as well as the potato pizza which is extremely filling.  And if you don’t beleive my panegyrizing, I can tell you that Niels and Peter Nordlund like it too.  I keep telling Robert Andrew Drummond, the fifth member of the Gang of Four, to go there but he just won’t listen.
For those of you, who like panegyrics about matters prurient in Wuxi, go to Helena’s blog.  Its web address can be found on this page. 

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