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Captures from Wuxi Tony Update Three Hundred Eight.

  Youtube is blocked, yet again.  So, I will publish some frames from Wuxi Tony Update Three Hundred Seven, one of the latest episodes of the world’s greatest ever historical document.  

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Yangqiao Photos.

I took Tony for a walk around Yangqiao.  I took these photos.

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Take a Walk with Tony around our neighborhood.

Here you go, three videos for the price of one.  Come with Tony and me as we go for a rare walk around our apartment complex.

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Good Morning!

Here is a Good Morning Wednesday Wuxi Tony Update uploaded on a cold, damp Saturday Morning.  

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Relax with Tony.

Relax as you watch Tony relax in a recent episode of the greatest Internet Baby Update Series to ever grace the face of the earth and cyberspace.  

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Get me to work!


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More Video Captures.

 Please Sir AKIC, can we have some more? Noooo! You will have to accept these crumbs until Youtube is no longer blocked. Below, you can see captures from a video I took of Tony and I near a canal-side park in … Continue reading

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