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Can you get this?

This entry is for the sole purpose of seeing what is wrong with the lives write program.  No one else in the office can see the entries in my blog.  They get the sight but not the entries.  Very strange.

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Four days to go. Three Wedding Photos. 100 rmb for Fiddley-dee. Le Petit Cafe.

The big day is almost here.  How do I feel?  Scroll down, look at the three wedding photos, and then I will tell you. These were taken in Li Hu Park.  The weather was crappy.  The studio must have air-brushed … Continue reading

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Pictures, Pictures, Pictures (From the Wedding Album and the Bachelor Party). Wedding Preparations.

There will be a lot of pictures in this blog entry.  First I will continue with the Wedding Photo Album.  I am in a generous mood today.  I will let you see two: Somehow, the above looks sweet.  I did … Continue reading

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Bachelor Party Saturday night. An amazing occurrence. Three more photos from my wedding album. A Fun Fact about Patterson.

By the time you read this, I may have been already handcuffed to a light pole at the intersection of Zhongshan and Renmin Roads.  If you are reading this Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon, it is not too late to … Continue reading

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Bachelor Party Saturday Night 730 pm.

My bachelor party will take place at the Blue Bar on Saturday, November 25 730  PM.  All red-blooded he-man males are welcome to attend.  Admission 50 rmb which gets you a wonderful assortment of food.

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Rain, Rain Go Away. (Or at least go away for the third of December.) My Wedding Music Playlist. A Year ago in AKIC.

I read on the Shanghai Daily Website that we are supposed to get another ten consecutive days of rain.  I hope I don’t see that crap on my wedding party day, or there will be hell to pay. Anyway, here … Continue reading

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New Youtube Video. A Wedding Photo a Day. Wuxi Ex-Pats Fantasy Football Update. More Taixing Photos. Happy Thanksgiving to all my American Friends!

I have uploaded another video to Youtube!!! A wedding photo a day keeps the doctor away.  A saying I have just coined.  Here is today’s photographic proof that someone wants to marry little old me: What am I smiling about?  … Continue reading

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