Pictures, Pictures, Pictures (From the Wedding Album and the Bachelor Party). Wedding Preparations.

There will be a lot of pictures in this blog entry.  First I will continue with the Wedding Photo Album.  I am in a generous mood today.  I will let you see two:

Somehow, the above looks sweet.  I did not feel so romantic at the time.

I know you are thinking:  Whoa Boy, Whoa Boy!!!  I was forced against my will to do this.  This is something I prefer to do in private.

You can see the entire photo album here.

I thought my wedding was going to become a China day.  Well, actually of course it will be a China day.  But I what mean is there was almost a snafu in the wedding plans.  Sunday Mrs K, out of the blue, tells me that the time printed on the Wedding Invitations is too late.  She wanted to change it to 618.  No no no!  I had to say.

Sunday afternoon, we got the bottles of Chivas.  There will be Chivas whiskey at this party.

Monday, we purchased the eggs and chocolates that we will be handing out at the Wedding.  No way I could get out of purchasing the eggs.  "Tradition!" says Mrs K.


Bachelor Party Photos

Here is how things went for me through the night.

This is me early on.  Optimistic and yet under no illusions about the transitory nature of the mood I was in this just.

A little later.  I hope I did not cause Stu, who I say thank you for hosting the soiree, too much trouble.

And finally….

That, for all who attended, was the money shot.  Bijoe, Kaluha, Beer, Tabasco, Vodka, Tequila, and so on allied together will do that to you.  Is anyone really interested in seeing the video of this? Email me at with you vote.  A 2/3’s majority of a minimum 50 votes is what I require before I post the thing.

Thanks to everyone who came.  Thanks to Andy for organizing the event:

Thanks to Peter Nordlund for distributing the bijoe.

Here are pictures of me with many of the others who came.  They are all wonderful people.  You will see they come from disparate parts of the world.  Without them, the ex-pat experience in China would be severely lacking.

Above you see  Jurgen from Germany, Feed Me from Carolina, Peter Malik from Connecticut, and Ziggy from Germany.  It was a barrage of shooters from this table that ultimately destroyed me.

Simon from England.

Malu from Bangladesh.

Karen from China.

Patterson from England.

Brian from the good old USA.

Dennis from Birmingham, England.

Luis from Montreal, Canada.

Feedez Moi from Lillie, France.  Maybe this picture should have been the fourth stage of my depravity.

Marko from Italy and Andreas from Germany.  I am drinking Andreas’s Beer and Tabasco concoction in the photo.

Luke from Australia, Luiz from Brazil (He will get married December 9), Kelson from Brazil, and Tom Butler from Nigeria and Southampton.

Wayne from Newfoundland (A great honor to have a Maritimer at my party) and Dan from Calgary, Alberta.

Niels from Denmark.

Fred form Oregon.  Fred has married a Wuxi girl.

Ronnie Love from Carolina, USA.  The perfect southern gentleman.

Kaori from Japan.


Allen from England.

Trevor from Newcastle. 

My God, I see I have clutched a lot of people other than my wife in these pictures.

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