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Observations of the Toner on his 100th day.

Thank you one and all, in advance, for your best wishes on this my milestone day.  I want to extend a special wish to the mighty fine ladies out there who have been waving at me and pinching my cheek. … Continue reading

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99 Days of Tony. Observations

Thursday marks Boy Toner’s 99th day.  We can’t have the traditional party for him on Friday because I got to work.  We won’t have the party this upcoming weekend because I was slow to decide whom to invite.  So, the … Continue reading

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The Toner will now be an AKIC contributor.

I am going to have my son contributing his own thoughts to the blog.  Seriously.  At three months of age, he has already developed some strong views of things.  I would say his politics  now can be classified as Goldwater Republicanism.  His interests are plumbing … Continue reading

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Tony wants to tell you…

The Toner: My 100th day party will be held Sunday, December 9 after 1800 somewhere.  My father forgot about the big WuxiLife affair that will be taking place December at the Kempenski.  Ah!  Fathers!  In life, you don’t get to … Continue reading

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Historic Grey Cup

It is Saskatchewan against The King of Wuxi’s hometown in the 95th Grey Cup Game being played Monday morning, Wuxi time.  I am listening to the game on Winnipeg’s CJOB radio.  The score is Saskatchewan 10, Winnipeg 7 at halftime … Continue reading

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A Photo and A Video.

I took this lovely photo, Saturday, on my way to work.  It was taken from the footbridge near our apartment complex. A few moments later I took this video of what I saw as I walked down Houxixi.   I … Continue reading

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Sixty Years

They have been married sixty years.  Wow!

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Sunday Observations and Thoughts.

Any thoughts expressed today will probably be short on insight. Big news:  John Howard was defeated in the Oz election.  I don’t know who won.  That Howard lost is all I think about.  Being around for as long as he … Continue reading

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Saturday Bloggings

Or should that be Blogings?  Nah!  Bloggings looks right. One of my students has a mother-in-law who works at a bank in Wuxi.  The bank informed the woman that if she did not sell or sign-up 12 customers for credit … Continue reading

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No Need to Panic Wuxi Expats!

The King of Wuxi is under the weather due to a flu.  But, there is no need for his subjects to panic.   Everything is under control! he tells AKIC. I can’t access my tumblr blog this morning.  So this is … Continue reading

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