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Yet another Tony and Jenny Video.

I can’t help myself.  Plus it keeps his Canadian grandparents updated.    See you at the pub tonight!!

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The King of Wuxi: I have a good aim 99.9% of the time.

The King of Wuxi held a surprising and dramatic news conference in downtown Wuxi today.  He answered no questions.  He made the following statement: Thank you for coming.  An enormous cloud has descended over Wuxi Expatdom for which my actions … Continue reading

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More pictures of Tony.

Here are a few more photos of Tony taken in the apartment today. In the first photo, Tony seems to be looking at me in a quizzical manner wondering what I am doing.  But does he really see? In the … Continue reading

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When Foreigners were funny.

John Derbyshire, was browsing through a collection of essays of George Orwell, and came upon the essay "Boys’ Weeklies".  The essay, that scoffed at the stories published in boys’ magazines, provoked a response from the author of many of the stories, Frank Richards.  This … Continue reading

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Another Youtube Video. Tony opens his eyes. Abandoned baby?

This was taken in the hospital.  This was taken at the apartment. Anthony or Tony has a serious-seeming expression in this photo.  I am hoping he has some Churchillian iron resolve in his eventual character. Oh my god!  I just … Continue reading

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Tony is out of the hospital.

I can’t say Tony is back home.  He is in the Mianhua Xiang apartment that we plan to move out of in late September. I had an annoying afternoon, trying to get the birth certificate.  We have to go back … Continue reading

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Tony leaves the Hospital on Tuesday. Famous Tonys #1.

Tony leaves the hospital tomorrow.  Long sleepless nights but I will have a comfortable to lie in. Who is the Tony who came to mind before Tony K?  Tony Esposito, the coolest hockey goalie of all time.  Hockey Goalies ceased … Continue reading

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