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The Harry Potter movie is in english! Canadian election.

I saw an english-language movie on the big screen for the first time in sixteen months (the last one I saw was either Lost in Translation or Around the World in 80 days).  The new Harry Potter movie is playing … Continue reading

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My nose.

Last night in a conversation class, topic: plastic surgery, one of the students said he would like to have a nose like mine.  I am sure that the student is correct to say that my nose is a beautiful thing.  … Continue reading

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The party of the century. The Toronto Latvian has a blog. Bread in Wuxi.

At Niels’ B-day the booze flowed freely, as the pictures in the album will attest.  There was plenty of Tsingtao beer being downed.  As well, mouthwash-flavoured vodka shots were gambeied at approximate ten minutes intrevals.  Niels also received plenty of bottles … Continue reading

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Photos from Niels 30th birthday party

I have posted an album of photos from the party of the century.  Explanations to follow.

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Where to start?!? Panegyrics about some good restaurants.

I did a few things this weekend.  I have more to write about than I care to at the moment.  Seeing how I will be at work for the next six days.  I will use the next six days to … Continue reading

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T-shirt and jacket designs. Happy birthday fellows!

They say everything is made is China – for example, clothes.  Now this is really not the proper time of year to be writing about t-shirt designs, for Wuxi natives are all bundled up and there are no t-shirt designs … Continue reading

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Pleasant evening in the apartment. MSN. The warm cinnamon bun feeling. What to buy Niels for his birthday. HanYing7

They changed Michelle’s schedule at work, so I am only go to see her every wednesday, which happens to be my longest day at work (I don’t mean it is the longest in work time, but longest in which I … Continue reading

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Cooling down in the Wux. Xinjiang Restaurant. European Street.

It is definitley late fall or early winter now in Wuxi.  There have been a few nights in the past week, where I felt more of a chill than I could tolerate in the evening.  I have not yet put … Continue reading

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My days off. Shanghai. X-Pats smoked. Miscellaneous observations.

My days off are sunday and monday.  I shut myself in on saturday night and sunday, because I went to Shanghai yesterday.   I took a 940 am bus to Shanghai.  It arrived at 1200.  I sometimes like taking the bus … Continue reading

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Who is this m*****f**k*r?

It had been driving me crazy for months?  Who is this guy (picture below)?  I would see him  almost everytime I tuned to Chinese TV.  There he was with the hair that is a greater wonder than the Great Wall.  … Continue reading

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