The party of the century. The Toronto Latvian has a blog. Bread in Wuxi.

At Niels’ B-day the booze flowed freely, as the pictures in the album will attest.  There was plenty of Tsingtao beer being downed.  As well, mouthwash-flavoured vodka shots were gambeied at approximate ten minutes intrevals.  Niels also received plenty of bottles for presents.  He was vaguely disappointed at my not surrendering my copy of Penthouse Letters volume 23 (I am still working my way through that tome).
The most memorable presents given, the items that perhaps go down in infamy or become part of instant legend, came from USA Peter: condoms and Chinese viagara.  If you look at the photo album, you will see that Niels liked the presents and was eager to play with them.  Look at the picture of a condom on a vodka bottle.  Also, you can see Niels placing the condom on the vodka bottle.  Niels vowed, in his thank-you speech, that that night was to be the night he lost his virginity.  Robert Andrew Drummond was extremely jealous of the presents.  He can be seen in one picture, with his hands outstretched, begging for Viagra.  In two other pictures, R.A.D.and Niels can be seen fighting like rabid dogs over a pack of condoms.
When I get drunk, I can go either of two ways:  I can become affectionate or morose.  That night, I was in a jovial mood.  Look at the picture of me planting a kiss on the Great Dane’s cheek.  Fortunately, it was’nt me that was called apond to break in that magnificent colt of a Danish person.
Konrad Ozols, a Latvian who unfortunately comes from Toronto, has a webpage with weekly blog entries.  I have just posted the link for it on this page.
Robert Andrew Drummond is most famous for saying "I love bread".  This seemingly simple statement was a source of epiphanies and profound philosophical reflections for me.  The simple pleasures in life are the best, and bread being the simple thing that is, is actually a source of great pleasure for me.  However, Wuxi is not the place to be if you are a bread lover.  The bread to be found here is horrible.  The bread (mianbao) eaten by the locals is too sweet (tai tian le!).  The bread I can buy at Champ Elysees bakery has nothing to do with French bread.  It is the bland stuff, when it is not sweet:  the bread that one’s mom would use to make your lunch for school.  They have some bread at Carrefour (Jalefu) that is alright.  The french style rolls taste okay, but you might rip out some teeth chewing on the extra-tough crust.  I recommend their sliced sesame seed loaf.  That bread and a can of pate from Auchan can lead to evenings that are the equivalent of sitting in front of the tv with a container of Haagen-Daz.  The best bread I have come apond is baked at Bolters.  The owner from Australia bakes the bread himself.  I picked up some last night.  I had a can of pate waiting for me at the apartment…..

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