Pleasant evening in the apartment. MSN. The warm cinnamon bun feeling. What to buy Niels for his birthday. HanYing7

They changed Michelle’s schedule at work, so I am only go to see her every wednesday, which happens to be my longest day at work (I don’t mean it is the longest in work time, but longest in which I just have to be there.  May lightning strike me dead if I ever ever ever complain about my workload here.)  Michelle though has had enough of her job and will be leaving on or about the fifteenth of December.  She will return to Wuxi to look for another job.
Anyway, I did see her last night.  It was nice to come home and have supper ready for me (she makes this dish with potatoes and meat and cumin that is extraordinary).  Domesticity does have it advantages every so often.
I have not been able to have audio conversations using MSN Messenger with my parents this week.  I have several theories why:  The Chinese are up to something.  MSN did an update that typically made something that was working just fine worst. (There is an message now on Messenger saying your internet provider or network may not support audio conversations.  Really?!?  Well they fucking did before!  You goddamm cocksuckers! (pardon that outburst.  I just watched an episode of Deadwood.))
The British types in the school are starting to bundle up as the weather gets colder.  I am liking the weather now because I have an adequete covering of quilts and so experience that nice toasty warm feeling that keeps you bed that extra half hour longer.
Any idea what the use of the compound noun "Donkey Engine" is referring to?
Michelle never issued any orders to buy Niels a b-day present so I won’t….  Well, I think this situation calls for some initiative on part of the male.  I will buy him cigarettes.  You can’t go wrong with cigarettes.  I could also give him my copy of Penthouse Letters volume 23….  Any suggestions Niels????
Amy, thank you for your offer.  I may take you up on it.  Are you still single?  This fellow Niels is very eligible.  He is like a warm, rich fuzzy furball.  Here is a picture of him for you to peruse.

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An English Teacher in Wuxi, China. Married to a local girl. Father of a boy born August 23, 2007.
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  1. Niels says:

    BMW 7 series is always a good gift!

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