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7.2 Jin works out to 8 pounds.

Tony weighed more at birth than I initially reported.  I was told his weight in jin.  7.2 jin is 3.6 kg is 8 lb.  Way to go Tony!   Thanks to Simon’s wife Nicole for pointing this out to me.  Nothing … Continue reading

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Wife and Son are doing well.

My wife and son are doing well.  Tony, right now, wants to eat in the evening and sleep in the daytime.  I slept all this afternoon in preparation. Does he look like me?  I can’t tell.  My wife, after breastfeeding him, … Continue reading

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Video, video, video of Anthony Arnis Peng Kaulins.

Youtube bug that I am, it would be strange if there were no videos of Tony and Jenny on the Internet.  Here they are:

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Photos of Tony Kaulins.

Digital shutter bug that I am, I am having a difficult time deciding which photos of my newborn baby to publish to this blog.  I will try to restrict myself to five. For me, this is the money shot.    Also, … Continue reading

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Vlog #16

I have a special announcement to make. And I have some special photos. Here’s Tony! He was born at 210 PM on August 23.  He weighed 7.2 pounds. The wife and son are resting comfortably. I couldn’t be happier.  

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Day 1 at the Hospital

Jenny was feeling contractions and then she wasn’t.  So now we are in a waiting mode.  I have been playing games on the mobile phone and taking photos from the ninth floor. The wife is in this building. Here is … Continue reading

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The wife is in the hospital.

The wife woke me up at 500 AM this morning.  She wanted to go to the hospital because of certain symptoms.  I was in a daze and an are-you-sure mood.  I had been expecting him to come maybe next week … Continue reading

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