Sanyang Plaza Tunnel

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Sanyang Plaza

It’s underneath the intersection of Renmin and Zhongshan Roads.

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Shenglimen Plaza

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Socialist Core Values

As I am wont to do, I took a photo of a propoganda billboard that stood prominently at an important intersection in the Hui Shan District of Wuxi; and I am sometimes wont to do, I decided to decipher its meaning.

Here are the sign’s characters converted in to pinyin and translated into English:


富强民主 文明 和谐 自由 平等
公正法治 爱国 敬业 诚信 友善

shè huì zhǔ yì hé xīn fèn zhí guàn

fù qiáng mín zhǔ wén míng hé xié zì yóu píng děng

gōng zhèng fǎ zhì ài guó jìng yè chéng xìn yǒu shàn

Socialist Core Values

Prosperity, Democracy, Civilization, Harmony, Freedom, Equality

Justice, Law, Patriotism, Deligence, Honesty, Kindness

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Restaurant Lobby

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The Spring Festival is Over!

The lantern decorations have been taken down.

I suppose they are waiting for trucks to take them away.

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A Lot of People on the Platform

Of course, I am never usually here at 8:00 AM.

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