Monday Chez Kaulins

Chez Kaulins?
No, I am not trying to name myself after that loathsome leftie Che Guevera.  I am throwing in a French word into my ponderous prose style.
Tony watches Three Stooges
Tony laughs at he antics of Curly — the fat, bald member of the famous comedic troupe.
Tony and Wu Shu?
Tony watched an demonstration of the martial art on the television, and immediately took to flailing and kicking about with his arms and legs.
Tony Fever Update
It has gone away.
Lent out my Three Stooges DVD
A student wanted to watch, and so I made a point of digging it out for her.  She watched it, laughed, and I got a free ice cream from KFC.
Rock, Paper, Scissors
I teach a primary school class (Grade One) this Monday afternoon — flash cards and games including Rock, Paper, Scissors.
Holier than thou Canadians
I was listening to a podcast of the G Gordon Liddy show that featured an exchange between the host and this female Canadian caller.  The Canadian said Liddy and his right-wing cohorts were all hateful and loathsome.  She also praised the Canadian Health System.  Liddy presented her with the horror stories he had heard about the Canadian system — she said that the stories were all made up.  At this point, American listeners to the show were allowed to join in — interesting comments were made.  The one that I think really stuck it to the lady was a complaint from one American that Canadians love to come down to America and act holier-than-thou  — the Canadian refused to believe that her countrymen can do such things.
Well, they do, and I have seen many Canadians adopt that attitude here in Wuxi towards the Chinese.
Something of which I am most definitely guilty myself.
NHL Playoffs
Speaking of Canada, it is hockey playoff time.  I get excited for the first round, but by the time the playoffs stretch out to the later rounds, I cease to care.  Hockey should not be played in June.

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