Wednesday Evening Scribblings

Scribblings you say?
Well, yes.  I wrote the following into a notebook, and am now transferring them to the blog.  So they count as scribblings because they were scribbled to begin with.
  • I didn’t leave my wife at the bus stop.  I waited till she left.
  • Oklahoma!  I found the DVD for the musical at a Xueqian Street DVD shop that was not too far from the site of my wedding.
  • Donald Duck goes to Brazil — a very musical cartoon.  The DVD was purchased for 2 rmb.  Tony is watching it, unbelievably.
  • Wednesday was a windy day in Wuxi. The wind raised the dust unsettled by all the construction
  • Would the buses still run if the regime collapsed?
  • There is a second-hand DVD shop near Big Bridge Middle School.  It has posters of the Clash’s London Calling album cover, Jimi Hendrix, and Miles Davis.  Exact location of the shop?  It is on a side street in the shadows of Big Bridge — the tallest school I have ever seen.
  • My honey is on the Internet so I sit in the living room.  Tony is beside me watching Peter Pan, the DVD of which we had to re-buy — we couldn’t find the first one.  There is also a pile of books and papers nearby:  Chinese character learning books, and articles printed from the Internet — The Mint by TE Lawrence, China as empire or in decline, Man is an unique animal and so not an animal, Conversion, and a Green who just changes his narrative but not his beliefs.
  • Lately, I have been giving money to panhandlers.  GKC was said to have given his money away very freely — he didn’t bother himself with being cheated.
  • Thoughts on the Muslim veil.  Too of Oppression?  Maybe not.  A veil is used to cover sacred things and so show that it really can’t be taken for granted.  In the West, we don’t think this way anymore — people have got to be liberated.  Still, I hear the Muslims stone women who aren’t veiled — case in point, those schoolgirls who couldn’t leave the burning building unveiled.
  • I am a father, not a person who is engaged in fatherly activity.  So, I avoid pubs as much as possible.
  • I saw a girl wearing glass frames – no lenses.  It is all the fashion.
  • Take it all in stride, I told myself.  Moments later, I got on the bus, shoving a man out of my way.   Doh!!!

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An English Teacher in Wuxi, China. Married to a local girl. Father of a boy born August 23, 2007.
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