Blogging from the Weekend of AKIC.

Muse, Muse!  Where are you?
Except for all the advertising and all the icons and all the toolbars and all the links, I am looking at a blank screen.  Or rather I should say that I am looking at a screen that has a blank portion on it.
Either way, I need a Muse. (Or should I say the muse?)
What the hell to write about? (that shouldn’t go in my Tony blog?).
What to think?
If someone ever asked me what I thought of China, I would answer that I didn’t know what to think because I had been there for so long – over six years. 
 China has become a place that I live, and so I don’t feel entitled to have an opinion about it anymore.  China has become for me like Abbortsford, Winnipeg, Shilo, Quebec, Earth, and Oromocto — places I have lived and may even feel entitled to call home, in a way, and places which of which I wonder what others think.
It is this not being able to have an clear, unbiased view from above about China that  will make me go back to Canada in June — June 12 to  June 26, to be exact.  I need to find the original unvarnished me that can look at thing in the light of unfamiliarity and thus again have opinions about it. 
I also should see my long-unseen relatives.
Good advice
Never miss an opportunity to do good — whether on the bus by yielding your seat to someone, or satisfying some one’s curiosity, or teaching Leftists of their mistaken beliefs and assumptions
The new 2010 models
It is Spring and so my fancy turns to wondering what the latest models of mosquito-killing electric rackets are like.  Do they come with MP3 or MP4 functionality?  Can they also be used as BBQ grills?
And does the IPAD have a mosquito killing function?
Tony News
Russian Dancers at the Hui Shan Ramada
A chance conversation with an employee of the Ramada near my home has confirmed my suspicions.  The Latvian in me will boycott the place — not that I ever went anyway or was even intending to.

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