Not a good day for Canada. Please visit Tom’s Blog.

The Canada-Russia ice hockey quarterfinal  was played sometime this morning, China time.  Not knowing exactly when it was and if CCTV would show it, all I could really do was rush to the school this morning and read of the final score on the internet.  Not very good.  Canada was shut-out two-nothing by the Russians, the dreaded Russians.  It was the third time in the Olympic tournament that the Canada had been shut out.  The result is nothing short of a national humiliation.  Sure, we won medals in other sports today but those are sports that don’t matter.  On the bright side, I have another topic for my speaker’s corners:  National Humiliations.
I have a cousin who happened to be in the Soviet Union after the Soviets had massacred the 1981 Team Canada 8-1.  All the Russians would ask her if she was "Canadadinski" and then want to talk about that hockey result.  If I ever happen to run into members of Wuxi’s  Russian Dance Troupe over the next few weeks, I will have to say I am Danish (they are about the only nationality that would invite me to be a member these days).
I spent last night at home, so I have no intel to provide today.  I spend the night at home in a warm room reading about Alexander the Great, Chinese measure words, and  Confucius.  After today’s humiliating hockey result, I am afraid there will have to be many more nights in my warm bed room.
The much anticipated return of Shadow to HyLite has been delayed till next week.  Corina will return from her surgery next week as well.  I hoped neither of them have been following the Winter Olympics too closely.
I know enough Chinese now that every once and a while I can pick up the gist of a conversation.  This is what I witnessed last week at McDonald’s.  A femail customer ordered the spicey wing combo.  She then asked the counter-girl if the wings were spicey (la bu la).  The packages the wings come in clearly say spicey wings, in english, leading me to wonder if the Chinese on the package did not have spicey (la) clearly written on the package.  I asked Lucy about this and she told me the chinese name for spicey wings clearly had "la" in it.  So, I could only wonder what this customer was smoking.  But this lady will at least is unconscious enough to not know about the humiliating hockey results.
When Garth, His royal majesty, and I meet now, it have to be in seedy out-of-the-way bars where our Canadian identities will not be a source of laughter on the part of the other customers.  97 million dollar payroll and they can’t even win a medal!
It is time for Canada to get a new national sport.
Tom needs visitors to his blog.  Please visit.  It is bookmarked on this page.  Tom, being from England, told me he could empathize with the way many Canadians feel after the nation humiliation of our poor showing in Olympic Ice Hockey.  For example, he said, "Us Britishers, have to live with the fact of England hardly ever winning the World Cup, Losing the British Empire, and Benny Hill."
Best street in Wuxi (according to the students):  Zhongshan Road.  A good place for shopping and girl-watching, they said.

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