Happy 36th Birthday Gary!

It is Gary Paterson’s birthday!  Helena’s room-mate is a dawg!  Go figure!  I will buy him a beer at the Blue Bar!  That is him drinking the beer in the picture!  By the way, it is also Arthur Schopenhauer’s birthday this week!
DVDs watched this weekend:  "Alexander the Great" and "The Marx Brothers spend a night in Casablanca".  I watched the Richard Burton 1950s Alexander the one where is he not gay but dresses like it.  The Marx Brothers was funny, of course.  Thank God for fast-forward so I can get through the shmaltzy musical bits.  Dammdest thing, all these all movies worked on my old DVD player but not on my new machine.
I broke down and finall bought the first season of Wonder Woman starring Lynda Carter.
I went to the Chairman Mao restaurant in Nancheng market with Stef, His Royal Majesty, and Garth.  The food at these restaurants which serve cuisine from Mao’s home province is spicey.  I try to not examine my surroundings too closely.  It would be like eating in a Cuban restaurant with pictures of Castro, a Canadian restaurant with pictures of Trudeau, an Austrailian restaurant with pictures of Yahoo Serious, or a French restaurant with pictures of Jerry Lewis.
Corina is back at home recovering.  While she was at the hospital, I was able to get this incredible this-is-where-I-live photo shot.  I will put in the blog one day.
Shadow is due back in Wuxi anytime.  I hope to see her back at work soon.
I visited Peter, Alfi and little Christy last night at the People’s #4 Hospital.  Mother and daughter and father are doing fine I am happy to report.  I had Lucy, the kindergarten-teacher-slash-my-chinese-tutor, accompany me.  She had never seen a baby so young and I think she wanted to kidnap it.  That girl has double-power gushing abilities.
It was good to see Niels and Konrad back in Wuxi.  Niels happened to stumble apond an anti-
Danish Demonstration in Kuala Lampur.  He was unscathed.  I saw those two at the Greek restaurant saturday night and later  joined them at Ronnie’s.
Helena is all happy, even though it is really a monday for her.  Maybe she will talk about why she is happy in her blog.
I got an email from Christie who now resides in Singapore!
Cathy was looking so beautiful on sunday night!  But she beat me four games to three in Pool.  I had a 3-1 lead but I could’nt pin down that fourth victory.  Cathy has pin-up looks.
I play darts for shit!
For anyone who cares, like people who have to work late-night hours, the Xinjiang Mohamed Restaurant is open till midnight.  I went last night.  They did ask me about Niels.  I played ignorant.
Canada loses to Switzerland in hockey.  Swiss hockey has improved, I have noticed, since they stopped trying to play the game on mountain slopes.  They are no longer a country of fondue-dippers.  But where does that leave Canada?

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