Another rainy day in Wuxi Town. My Fridge thermometer. The Greenery Western Restaurant. Babyface. Tutor of the Day: Shadow.

It is raining again in Wuxi.  A nice atmosphere for me to go back to work.  Thankfully, I don’t have to walk far to get to work.  Umbrellas are encumbrances I rather not deal with.  What with having to carry around my apartment keys, money, a mobile phone, a phrasebook, cigarettes, aspirin, and kleenex; why carry an umbrella?
Since I bought a thermometer fridge magnet at the Jin Mao Tower, I noticed that the temperature in my apartment has not changed one degree in two weeks.  The thermometer works:  it showed 20 degrees at the shop, and zero in my fridge.  As for it exactness, I would’nt use it to report Wuxi’s weather.  But because it does react to hot and cold, the lack of temperature change in the last few weeks is depressing.
I went to the Greenery Western Restaurant in Changan Market saturday night.  I had Thai fried rice, meat-on-a-stick, and fruit salad for about sixty rmb.  I enjoyed it.  I will go back.
I made one of those stupid impulsive decisions to go Baby Face.  What a waste of time.  The music was awful. The place was too crowded.  I could’nt walk anywhere without banging into someone. (I suppose what I want is to walk anywhere there and be able to bang someone)  It is a place you can look at women, of sorts.  Unfortunately, some of the Russian women had asses the size of  Siberia.  Four migrant wokers from the countryside could have slept comfortably on each ass-cheek.  Alas, my plans to not have to deal with that shit, went by the wayside.
I was able to have a conversation, in Chinese, with a taxi-driver as he drove me from Auchan back to the apartment.  I  learned he was 38 years old and hated the Japanese and Americans.  He learned the relevant information about me in Wuxi.  I am not quite sure he understood my drawn-out answer to his question of whether I had a girlfriend or not.  "Xianzai, meiyou.", I should have left it at but I tried to tell the story about Michelle and her parents.   We even got into a discussion about the relative size and populations of China and Canada.  We resorted to having count zeroes to make sure our numbers were kosher.
I have changes in my teaching schedule this week.  I will do Speaker’s corners on tuesday nights.  On Saturday, I will get to do Demonstration classes again.
I walked into the Blue Bar last night, took a look around, had one beer, and left.  It was absolutely boring.  I did need to get and out about, and it was a useful exercise to show me that it was best that I stay home study Chinese and read one of the three books I have on the go.  Currently, I find myself in a rut that I will have to work myself out of.  For now, it is best I concentrate on why I came here: become a teacher and learn Chinese.  I cannot have a weekend like the weekend past.
One of the novelties that quickly wore off the second time I came to China was getting to meet foreigners.  It is just the same-old-same-old.  I just cannot be bothered to want to meet new people.  I know that admitting this is tantamount to declaring I have this gaping personality deficiency.  So be it, the more people you meet, the more you realize how utterly common and devoid of originality most of them are.  And this observation applies to me more than anybody.   Oh God!  I don’t want to have to listen to another crackpot theory about how the Americans and Jews are responsible for all the evil in the world or some similar theory of how the world revolves.     Tibet is spiritually uplifting, my ass.
I will have to throw in the towel on my hockey pool.  Being in last place, I would have to make about ten trades.  The pool rules are that each trade is 50 rmb.  500 rmb it would cost me to fix the mess, so I will have to be happy now to keep my losses to 100 rmb.  Since I don’t have the monetary resources to salvage my standing in the pool, I will have to resort to violence or sneaky-measures.  Cortes, when he conquered the Aztecs, was fortunate to have the plague kill off a lot of his enemies.  That is my only hope in this pool.  Time to work on creating the baccili and taking it to Ronnie’s, slipping it in drinks……
Michelle sends me a short email.  No word on what she is up to these days.
Corina is back at work and so is Shadow!  It is not all bad.
And what better person to make tutor of the day than Shadow, who is back after a month long illness?  Shadow has worked at Canilx/HyLite longer than I have.  She is lively and vivacious.  She can swear like a sailor.  She was the person who gave me my chinese name:  Zhong Hua.  She likes many things such as potatoes, beef, fish and chicken.  She is a member of the Hui/Moslem Nationality.  She has not been to the Xinjiang Mohammed Restaurant.   She has lived in Wuxi for three years.  Her hometown is in Shandong province.  She attended Nanjiang Normal University  and she graduated as an English major.  Her favourite activity is shopping.  She like romance and comedy movies.  Her mother is the most important person in her life.  Her childhood hero was Premier Chou En-Lai.  Now, she is an admirer of Deng Xiao Peng.  She does not like George Bush.  She will not marry me.  She has been to the Great Wall so she is great.  She is a little deaf in one ear.  Her favourite game is badminton.  She eats McDonald’s once a week.  Her favourite restaurant in Wuxi:  it shut down but it was a Sichuan sort-of-thing.  She has not been to any of my favourite restaurants so I will have to take her.  She likes fruit and seafood and chicken pizza.  She is called Shadow because in her university she would constantly ask her professors all sorts of questions.  She says she does not know what evil lurks in the hearts of man.
Another picture of Zhongshan road.  It was taken today but from a slightly different position in the building.  Notice the umbrellas and moisture.

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