Staff Aerobics; Staff on Parade. Elsie: tutor of the day. Helena talks about the attributes of her ideal man. New Feature: person of the day.

The average Chinese worker in the service industry is doing things unimaginanable in the West.  Last night, as a for instance, after an excellent repast at Romano’s Pizza (now open till midnight), I saw the female staff at a nearby spa/massage emporium doing late night aerobics.  They were being made to groove to music like the girls of Kitty Aerobics.  The managress had them first swaying their hips in rank, and then for whatever reason they had to swing back-and-forth their bottoms in file.  All quite interesting for me to watch.  Other things you can see are door people at restaurants.  It is a person’s job to stand beside a door all shift and open it for anyone to happens to come in.  If a restaurant is empty, the staff will have to stand beside the entrance.  In a  shopping mall, store staff will have to stand at the entrance till customers enter.  Another thing that is done that leads me to harken back to my military days, is the sidewalk staff meetings.  At a restaurant nearby my home, I will often see the entire staff standing in rank as the manager implores them on or criticizes them or something.  Many other shops, not having room for sit-down staff meetings, put the staff in military formation on sidewalks.  One time, I saw a staff was made to chant "the customer is always right!"   Sometimes the staff at clothing stores have to clap and dance to music in hopes of luring customers into their shops.  The bright side of this for me, though I feel sorry for the workers, is that I very rarely have an empty cup of tea or glass of water.
I saw the consort of the King of Wuxi come to the school yesterday.  Stef was looking absolutely radiant.
In other HyLiter’s blogs, Helena is listing the top ten attributes of her ideal man; and Summer is looking for hugs. 
I have probably given Summer 250 hugs.  I suggest my good readers that you try to do the same. 
All us single men would do well to consult Helena’s top ten list:
I will probably post the list above my dresser just right beside the poster I have listing Chinese food words.
Days off:  What will I do?  I may check out the Greenery: a western style restaurant in the new Chongan market that is opposite the more360sky Building on Renmin Road.  The food, I have been told by Mark and Corina, is reasonably priced.  They also have a huge english menu with  pictures.  On monday, I may go to the Ramada hotel’s Italian all-you-can-eat buffet:  expensive but a good feed.  Ramada is the huge hotel close to the Schinder’s list DVD shop.
In a desperate attempt to keep interest going in this blog, I will interview a Wuxi person, and make them the person of the day.  For the next week, I will profile the tutors who work at HyLite. Then I will profile others as I see fit like consultants, trainers, other HyLite staff and people I meet on a day-to-day basis in Wuxi like the beautiful Cathy, and his royal magneficentness Herr Drummond.  So I will have many people to profile.  Today’s first profile is one of our excellent tutors.
What a difference a day makes.  It is a rainy day in Wuxi town.  If you look closely at the pictures, you will see umbrellas and wetness.  Please compare this photo with the photo taken from the same location yesterday.
Tutor of the day:  Elsie.  She is under the very mistaken impression that she is fat.  Elsie likes sports like Badminton and Volleyball.  She wants world peace.  She likes Tom Cruise.  She likes to read romance novels.  Her favourite colour is white.  The last movie she saw was "Without You".    Her major in University was Fashion Design.  Her goal in life is to be a White-Collar worker.  Her mother is the most important person in her life.
Here is a picture of the Chocolate muffins you can buy at your nearby Kedi.  A tad dry they are, but delicious nonetheless.  A good snack to have anytime, whether with a nice cup of tea or a morning cup of joe(coffee).

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