New Wuxi Web Site. A nice evening walk. Mandarin Flash Posters.

The King’s wife Steph has started up a web site for her rental agency: 
Wuxi Rental Consultants provides translation, rental advice and assistance to expats relocating to Wuxi.  Her website is also a good source of information for all Wuxi ex-pats.
The temperatures now in Wuxi are very comfortable.  It is a good time to get out of the pub and just walk around Wuxi and see the night life.  Till about 1030 pm or so, there is a feeling of bustle.
Last night, I decided to take my Chinese lesson to the Xinjiang Mohammed Restaurant on Qingshi Road.  You can also say "Oufengjie" to the taxi driver and he will get you to what is also known as European Street.  The Xinjiang food was good as usual.  After supper, my Chinese Tutor slash Coach Lucy suggested we walk back to Ba Bai Ban which is in Downtown Wuxi.  I was feeling a little tired but the walk in the comfortable temperatures was reinvigorating.  And I saw a few interesting sights along the way….
I saw another Hunan province restaurant.  The first I had seen in Wuxi was in Nangshan su.  This restaurant is along the direct route that would take you from Zhongshan Road to European Street.  You can tell it is a restaurant from Henan because all these restaurants double as shrines to Chairman Mao (Henan was the Chairman’s home province).  Henan province cuisine is actually quite tasty.  It is much spicier and flavourful than Wuxi sweet food.  The strange thing about the restaurant I passed last night was that they still had their christmas decorations hanging from their ceilings.  Chairman Mao and Santa Claus decorations in the same restaurant – who would have thought it….
I was accosted by the little girl beggars who like to prey on people near the intersection of Renmin Road and Zhongshan Road as well as near the Wuxi Roast Duck Restaurant.  At least this time, they did not not hold on to my leg for 100 meters.  I had thought that by going down a back lane I could have avoided them.
Work on the lobby of the moresky 360 building is progressing.  I made a point to pass it last night and noticed they had a huge model of the building as well as surrounding downtown Wuxi area.  I would like to find out about when this building will be open for the Wuxilife magazine.
On my short walk to work this morning, I saw that a owner had dressed his or her wiener-shaped dog in denim jumper with t-shirt.  The dog did not seem to mind.  It was avidly looking for things to sniff.
I just read Helena’s blog entry and I realize that I had forgotten to mention about the gentleman, yesterday afternoon,  who needed english language voices for his video game.
  Helena and I were glad to provide our voices.  Shows you the life I have in Wuxi where I can almost forget about these things.  Either that or senility is setting in…
Mandarin Flash Posters
I can buy these wall posters at various locations around Wuxi.  Instead of staring at the ceiling as I do most nights, I can look at these posters and learn some Mandarin vocabulary.  These posters are actually made for Chinese youngsters but I find they are useful for anyone trying to learn Mandarin.  I have taken pictures of the posters showing some food vocabulary and military vocabulary.  I love how they can still openly show military things here.  In Canada, the pacifists would try to suppress it.

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