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Leo gets a haircut. I need bodies for a softball team.

Leo, from Mythos Greek Restaurant,  got a haircut yesterday.  He is not happy with it.  His experiences getting a haircut for the first time in China were similar to mine.  Cross your fingers and hope for the best.   I need … Continue reading

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Stay in the apartment. March 23 is Akira Kurosawa’s birthday!!!

Today is my longest day at work so I stayed in the apartment last night.  Just my luck that his royal majesty and his Queen were at the bar.  There was just no doing….    So, I watched a DVD documentary … Continue reading

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We got Stones tickets!! Western Ontario Alienation. Massage. Haircut. Wuxi Baseball League starting up. More about the Aircraft Carrier

We have got the tickets in our grubby hands.  I have taken a picture to prove.  You can also check the seating diagram.  Thanks Niels for getting us the tickets.   A Taiwanese businessman Jimmy (see picture below)  who we … Continue reading

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Saint Patrick’s fallout. Breakfast at McDonald’s and the Aircraft Carrier.

Saint Patrick’s Day at the Blue Bar was a lot of fun.  We all did not go home till very late.  We danced and we had  so much fun breaking all these balloons that the bar had brought out for … Continue reading

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!!! The Vikings are coming! The Vikings are coming!

I am not in the least Irish, I will admit right now.  One of my cousins did marry a Irish fellow in Winnipeg so I can say there is evidence of a sort of Canadian- Latvian-Irish synergy.  As far as I know, Latvians … Continue reading

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HyLite Profile: Tom Butler.

Six Classes today.   The weather in Wuxi is wonderful as I write: 12 degrees and sunny.   Starbucks sells something that resembles a Submarine sandwich for 18 rmb.  In Australia, they call these sandwiches "filled rolls".  The Australians, like … Continue reading

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Quiet night in the apartment. Exclusive one afternoon only personal appearance at Nancheng Temple Market!

I stayed away from the pub last night.  I stayed at home and engaged myself in the most common of ex-pat pursuits: watching DVDs.  I put on a Ella Ftizgerald in concert DVD.  It would have put me in a … Continue reading

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