Corina, Corina. Sports Team Nicknames. Never look a gift book in the mouth.

Corina, April fool’s day is tomorrow.  You must have violated some Geneva Convention statue about pre-emptive gag-making.  You will have to be sent to some Gag-crimes tribunal in the Hague.  I understand that with the death of Slovo, there is a cell available.  Read more about it here:!BF3C01248E12F1A7!1007.entry?owner=1
April Fool’s does make tonight’s speakers corner very easy for me.  The topic: duhhhh!!!!!  Corina and My upcoming marriage.
Nicknames suggested by students yesterday for prospective Chinese sports franchises:  The Wuxi Teapots, The Suzhou Garden, The Wuxi Taihu,  The Wuxi Lingshan Bhuddas, The Wuxi Sweet Foods, and The Wuxi Xihui Park.
Helena is leaving.  What a shame.
Dan tells me that the new Italian restaurant  Belleza near the Ramada and DVD shop row is terrible.  He just tried it out on his lunchhour.  The pizza was greasy and the sausage used was sweet.
I recieved two gift books yesterday.  Luke, one of our young Australian trainers, brought a Sinatra Picture Book for me back from Australia.  The book has great pictures of Sinatra and the Rat Pack, Dean, and Smokey the Bear.  Lucia, a student whose porfolio you must see, gave me a book of 500 chinese words to help me with my Chinese study.  This is Lucia’s address:
I have taken a picture from my apartment on my lunch hour.  I cannot tell if it is cloudy or smoggy.
I have taken two pictures of the book Lucia gave me: one of the book’s cover; the other of what the content pages look like.  The book is useful but is full of errors.  They use english words I have never heard before.  The Chinese words don’t often give you the full name of a thing.  Lucy told me some of the chinese words would only be used in writing.
They have double decker buses in Wuxi.  Mind you the upper level is only about 5 foot ten inches high.  To a britisher like Helena it is not an uncommon sight.  But coming from Canada, like I do,  that sort of bus is a revelation!!!!  Incidentally, bus #81 takes you to Carrefour and Ba Bai Ban.
Finally, I took a picture of the famous Wangxingji Dumpling House.  It is on Zhongshan road accross from Ba Bai Ban and a McDonald’s.  I went there for the first time yesterday with Lucy and Corina.  I have no rational explanation for why I have not gone to this restaurant sooner seeing how close it is to the school.  Laziness is my only excuse.  I now know that the dumplings or baozi there are filling, delicious, and cheap.  Three of us ate there for 32 rmb and we were not able to finish all our food.  I can see myself going there once a week from now on.

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An English Teacher in Wuxi, China. Married to a local girl. Father of a boy born August 23, 2007.
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