Pandas come to Xihui Park. Helena spills coffee on her pajamas.

On March 27, they brought some Pandas to Wuxi’s Xihui Park.  I have yet to get information about the dates of stay.  Xihui Park has a zoo which I had been warned not to visit: the animals there are all dirty and mangy.  However, I will have to go see the Pandas.
In a strange coincidence, Neils’ Vikings friends leave Wuxi today to return to Denmark.  But rumours persist that their pajama suits are black and white….
Two nights ago, Helena spilled coffee on her pajamas.  She put them in the washer to clean.  "If the pajamas are too wrinkled after they are hung to dry, I may iron and press them" Helen said in an exclusive interview with AKIC.  However, Helena refused to disclose the reasons she spilled coffee on her pajamas.
The students at Xin Kai He XiaoXue are marching again.  Photo was taken on monday.
I owe 185 rmb for something.  I found this door posted on the entrance to my common area yesterday.  I assume is is for electricity.

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