To Achieve National Rejuvenation, Work Hard!

The sign below can be seen all over the Wuxi area. I have seen posted on the grounds of Tony’s primary school and even in the lobby of our apartment building.

As part of my ongoing effort to learn how to read simplified Chinese characters, I have tried to decipher the sign’s meaning.

I first transcribed the following characters from the sign.



富强 民主 文明 和谐

自由 平等 公正 法治

爱国 敬业 诚信 友善

为实现民族复兴 努力奋斗

Here is the pinyin for the characters:

Jiàn xíng shèhuì zhǔyì héxīn zhí guān
zuò yīgè yǒu dàodé de rén

Fùqiáng mínzhǔ wénmíng héxié
zìyóu píngděng gōngzhèng fǎzhì
àiguó jìngyè chéngxìn yǒushàn

Wèi shíxiàn mínzú fùxīng Nǔlì fèndòu

Here is what I got when the put the characters into Google Translate:

Practice the socialist core value concept

A moral person

Prosperous, democratic, civilized and harmonious

Free equal justice law

Patriotic friendly professional integrity

To achieve national rejuvenation Work hard

When I asked some locals to help me identify the characters, they asked why I would be interested in such a sign. I told them that I wanted to see how the government was trying to brainwash them.

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