A Morning of Bureaucracy

Monday was a morning of bureaucracy for yours truly.  I was finishing the process of renewing my visa, and I had to be present when Jenny registered Tony for primary school.

I first went to the Hui Shan Education Bureau.  Someone there had to see me.
IMG_2189Going to the building that the Hui Shan Education Bureau in was a revelation to me.  I didn’t realize how big the place was.  You see, I pass it all the time as I make my way home to the California Villa (You can see the turrets of the complex in the photo above).

IMG_2191Standing around while my wife talked to some guy sitting in his numbered office (there was no indication what the fellow’s purpose was), I had to keep myself occupied.  Hence the photo above, showing me hanging around in the corridors of bureaudom.

The photo above show the nice view one can see from the long corridors.

IMG_2196Above, parents crowd around the desk of an official in order to register their children for primary school.  I had to be here because my mere appearance can make things work smoothly in the Chinese bureaucracy.



I took this photo of classic Chinglish at the Police Station.

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