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  • I walked into the screen that is used to cover the opening between the living room and the veranda of Casa K. What a dunderhead I was! I was thinking of two things at once, and because it was early in the morning, I was slave to impulses which I should have quickly ignored, instead of immediately trying to deal with as I did. What happened was that I was thinking of how I was going to pack my new laptop so I could take it to school, instead of the manner at hand, which was getting Tony to the kindergarten van pickup spot. I saw that my wife had put my old laptop case on the veranda to dry because she had washed it the day before. Suddenly seeing the case, I immediately walked to it, and didn’t notice that the screen, meant to stop mosquitoes from entering the apartment, wasn’t open. As I knocking the screen out of its place, I swore like I had dropped a hammer on my foot!
  • It seemed that I had broken the screen, but eventually we were able to put it back in place; and to look at it now, one would never suspect that anything had happened.
  • Back to the issue of the hellos directed my way by locals because I am a foreigner. As one reader has pointed out, I could try living in a place where no one says hello to you like big cities in America and Canada. He is right about this, and so I shouldn’t be riled by people simply saying hello to me. I could say in my defence that if you tried to say hello to someone in a Canadian or American city just because of their ethnicity, you would be thought of racist. But I don’t want you to think that I am a person who calls any action by anyone racist at the drop of a hat. In fact, the charge of racism is used to often stop argument and not deal with the truth of a matter. And I shouldn’t be using the word racist in my situation. Chesterton rightly pointed out the differences are a source of humour, and so I should realize that the giggles of Chinese laughing at the things foreigners do aren’t racist in the least. Their reactions are natural and human.
  • What I am really saying is that I am a product of modern Western culture and my mind is polluted by this idea of multi-culturalism so that I act irrationally in many ways, like when a local makes something of my being in his country. Really, I should be happy they don’t try to throw me out, and take the hellos as a bonus.
  • I just got riled (it is Wednesday evening) when walking up the stairs to my third floor apartment. A boy and female adult walked down the stairs and I heard one of them said "Waiguoren!" I already being annoyed, because of another incident which I will mention anon, got more annoyed and screamed "Waiguoren!" back. Jenny heard this and told me that these people lived on the second floor. I hope I don’t see them again, because I will have to battle the urge to use the F-bomb on them.
  • Getting off the bus, I was espied (is that the right word!) by these two electric scooterists, who yelled "Fuck you!" at me. They must have been the ones I had screamed at the last time I accompanied Tony as he rode his bike with training wheels. I suppose I deserved it. As I walked home,pretending to laugh to myself, I wondered if they would ride past me again and confront me. I arrived home without incident till I past the pair going down the stairs in my apartment building.
  • Earlier on Wednesday, I saw a young man wearing nothing but a vest as a top. He had pants.
  • Later, but earlier than the incidents I had coming home in the evening, I saw the children in the primary school near my school marching around their playground. It was a sight to behold. I don’t think I ever paraded as well when I was in the reserves.
  • My co-workers at school will be happy that I have a computer at work again. I can sit in my own office and leave them alone because I don’t have to go into theirs and use their computer, and annoy them with my chit-chat.
  • I should shut up and let others talk and show their stupidity.
  • Obama said something to Congressional Black Caucus about not complaining, taking off slippers and putting on marching boots. I thought the whole point of Leftists marching was to complain, or I mean protest, about something.
  • Pictures of a lizard that was hanging out on a wall outside my bedroom: See here, and here.
  • A student tells me he is going to Yangzhou, which is near to my wife’s hometown, for the National Day holiday (say the October holiday and the students don’t understand). He has a car but he is choosing to take a bus because the tolls are too expensive.
  • A new video of Tony: watch it here.

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