More Jottings

  • I saw a group of young people approach near to me and it was obvious that they had seen me. As they got closer, someone said hello, and I said nothing, making a point of acting like I was ignoring them. I did have an urge to tell them off as well, but I didn’t — they would probably have been mystified by my anger or found it very amusing.
  • Anyway, something about the way the locals say hello! to me just riles me up. I find their hellos, which they wouldn’t say to a stranger of their own country, to be demeaning. One would like to think that these people are just being friendly, but that is not the way it strikes me when they throw their hello! at me.
  • My reaction probably means that I should do some soul-searching. What do I want from these people? Why do I get angry at these hellos really?
  • My answer to the first question is be left alone. But am I being honest when I say this? I do want to be left alone.
  • My answer to the second question is that the hellos ruin my splendid isolation. But paradoxically, the hellos also point out that I am quite the sight and that I am a sore thumb. It pricks ones pride to be seen to be a sore thumb.
  • I have found a fantastic podcast about the History of Rome. Email me at akaulins, and I will tell you how to get it.
  • Tony’s father would like to smack other kids that pick on Tony. Read about it here or here.
  • Harry Moore is the new president of the Wuxi China Expatdom Film Appreciation Society. Read about it here or here.
  • A Wuxi business owner tells me that he is working harder than ever, but is making less money. He has lots and lots of orders but his profit margins are declining due to inflation.
  • The government, he tells me, has no problems with businesses being paid in foreign currency; but use Chinese currency to buy foreign products and you have to fill out paperwork. He finds this very annoying. I saw this as ammunition for China-bashing on trade issues.
  • The latest Takara TOMY video that I have uploaded.

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An English Teacher in Wuxi, China. Married to a local girl. Father of a boy born August 23, 2007.
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