I declare I am a proud subject of her majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The idea to proclaim my loyalty to the Queen of Canada (and other places) came to me when I was listening to a interview with Marc Steyn done by Milt Rosenburg on a WGN Radio extension 720 podcast — Steyn, when asked about his citizenship, said that even though he lived in New Hampshire, he was a Canadian and a proud subject of her majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

This gets me to I am thinking that I should make a point of telling all I meet in China that I am Canadian and a proud subject of her majesty Queen Elizabeth II. I have never thought to declare my undying love for anything Canadian to the students other than to mention I like Tim Horton’s. The Latvian in me has come to appreciate this institution of the Monarchy and how it has evolved. The Monarchy is paradoxical because on the surface, it appears very anti-democratic, but in reality it preserves democracy,the rights of people and protects us from tyranny and cults of personalities. In fact, Canada choosing its head of state by accident of birth beats the hell out of having politicians, elections, or political machination choose one. And its pomp and ceremony is good for the soul. The Monarchy is the one thing that Canada has that I can say both America and China don’t, and Canada is the better for it. ( I should add that Canadians have a friendly reticent manner — only it is marred by a sneering anti-Americanism).

I have only been the subject of one Queen all my life. I believe that my parents have also been — they came to Canada fleeing Stalinist and Soviet control of their native Latvia. When Queen Elizabeth II passes on, it will be the end of something quite profound — I hope then I can be at a pub at time singing "God save the Queen" (or would I sing "King" — I am not sure about the protocol).

I wish China could find a way to adopt Emperors or Empresses as head of states — in a ceremonial capacity of course. They would be grand figures for China to present to the world and represent five thousand years of Chinese history. (But of course, it ain’t gonna happen.)

Listening to the Steyn interview has also made me an instant fan of the extension 720 podcast. The host Milton Rosenburg covers a whole range of topics from science to politics to history to sports to music. Over the past week, I have listened to his programs about the French Revolution, the early history of baseball, Humphrey Bogart, the Eichmann trial, Quantum Physics, and Louis Armstrong.


  • My first attempt to declare my patriotism to the students is meet with quizzical looks — that was to be expected.
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  • My sister’s birthday is April 5. Happy birthday Benita!

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