Fryday and it is snowing, again, in Wuxi

  • Rare readers of this blog may have noticed some dead links in the previous entries. I changed the URL address of the Wuxi Expatdom Blog Thursday evening. From on, you won’t be lead astray in the wonderful universe of Gorzo the Mighty, Gambay’s Pub, Hans Zimmerman, Fred Minklemen and all your other favorite Wuxi Expatdom characters.
  • What’s Tony Kaulins up to? Find out here.
  • It began to snow Thursday evening. Friday morning, I awoke, looked out the window, and saw the snow had stayed. It is a thin sprinkling, like icing sugar dabbed on chocolate cake.
  • Singing in the Reign
  • Today I will wear the gray underwear that my mother-in-law had made for me.
  • I did a SPC about fame Thursday evening. The most famous person in China, the students agreed, was Yao Ming. Someone also mentioned the pianist Lang Lang who played the Korean War Song at the White House. The students hadn’t shown much interest in the Hu visit to the U.S., yet they all seemed to know about the pianist playing a Chicom patriotic song under American noses.
  • Free coffee and donuts!
  • Rabbits in Downtown Wuxi!
  • I took this video on the way to work Friday morning.
  • A Wuxi Expat who likes Chicken’s Feet. Unbelievable!

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An English Teacher in Wuxi, China. Married to a local girl. Father of a boy born August 23, 2007.
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